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A Prestashop module for Elasticsearch: NewQuest did it!

A little tech break to talk to you about Elasticsearch, and more especially about the Prestashop module for Elasticsearch, which our team has designed all by its little self and which your online store has eagerly been waiting for!

First of all, to understand the subject better and to satisfy the audience already waiting on the edge of their seats, what is Elasticsearch?

Yes, indeed, this is a question well worth asking!

To put it simply, this open source solution is (according to its site) like an Open Source search engine and a performance analysis engine which is super “scalable“, super “adaptable“…

In a nutshell, this solution is capable of finding the keys in your pocket, in your wife’s handbag or even better, in the kids’ bedroom, blindfolded…

Elasticsearch is therefore an indexing and search solution in your data base and its contents, all independently of the activity of your website and its server, thus offering:

  • Better response times by relieving your data base from indexation and search tasks,
  •  An added “intelligence” to your search with the capacity to provide close correspondences, to do spelling corrections even of related researches,
  • A management of adjustments specific to your search by excluding results by using shortcuts,
  • A capacity for search and management of a great amount of data by resisting the restrictions coming from your data base,
  • The possibility to search through several sources of data, which is extremely useful when we know that a CMS editorial (like WordPress for example) is systematically attached to an E-commerce platform.

Besides, we think, at this moment, that any self-respecting technician who dreads the question coming from his client “Can we not have the results from the blog and from the shop in the same search?” Adding “It can’t be too complicated, can it?” (At this point you already know you’re getting off to a bad start…)

  • The possibility of delegating the faceted browsing of a retail website to Elasticsearch, and, when we know to what extent this can be demanding on resources on a web store, it is maybe a detail for you but to us …it means a lot…

If, after these considerations you are still not convinced or at least intrigued, no use delaying your To Do list further by reading this article. Otherwise …Let’s go on…


Here are a few figures and performance indicators:

  • Response times can be up to 10 times faster than the embedded search of a retail website,
  • A reduction of at least 30% of the load on the machine caused by the search,
  • An indexation capacity of several thousands of products without crashing the site during the indexation (admit that you have experienced this before…).

It is true that if the results and the advantages given by Elasticsearch are simple and clear, as for its implementation this is less straightforward…

And for this, my dear, we need:

  • (Very) good admin systems,
  • A Magento or PrestaShop module adapted to augment the search of your Web store,
  • A pleasant and motivated team to help you adjust and configured your search with the greatest care (because a good search, it’s like grandmother’s recipe, it needs hard work; it is configured and tested carefully!)

And you’re in luck! You know what?  NewQuest has all of this...(Here, you say to yourself “Heavens! This is an article for advertising purposes!!!.” We have nothing to hide, in fact… yes).

Module Prestashop Pour Elastic Search


Because the NewQuest team has designed a Prestashop Elasticsearch module to supplement this search solution and to maximize its potential.

By the way, one of our recent creations, the E-commerce platform of the Olympique Lyonnais football team is a very good example (especially when you know that everything functions on an Azur Cloud).

The module available for Prestashop will very soon also be available on Magento!

Logo Elasticsearch


The strengths of Elasticsearch:

  • Data in real time, it is exploitable for all types of research or analysis as soon as they are  indexed,
  • System distributed is totally scalable according to needs and the volume of the data,
  • – Broad availability of features guaranteed by clustering and data replication system,
  • – A Full-text search based on the Apache Lucene engine, numerous filtering features are provided (geolocation, auto-completion, multilingual, suggestions etc…),
  • Document oriented, no complex data schema but only definitions of data type,
  • Numerous modules made available through the community able to provide very powerful analysis tools and logs.


The advantages of Elasticsearch for E-commerce?

The needs of an E-commerce site are concentrated on the search for products, Elasticsearch will index the entirety of the products offered by the brands, the tree view of the web site and even the editorial content.

Module Prestashop Elasticsearch


Indispensable features are provided by Elasticsearch:

  • Auto-completion, auto-suggestion and instant search,
  • Control of spelling approximations and a dictionary of synonyms made available,
  • Customizable weighting of search criteria,
  • Faceted browsing and high-performance and sophisticated filtering system,
  • Excellent performance, reduced page loading time.


A powerful complement for Prestashop:

The faceted browsing and search systems offered by Prestashop function very well and perform their roles perfectly, however to date it is regrettable that certain functionalities are lacking:

  • No filter on the “brand” and “search” pages,
  • No search approximation,
  • Depending on the volume of products, the loading times for the product listing can be long.

ElasticSearch will come into action on all types of “product” listings to offer the user a better browsing and search experience.

Fewer clicks and a shorter search time = a better transformation rate! The Holy Grail!!!


How can I benefit?

Our team has developed a module for PrestaShop available from the version 1.5 and compatible with its latest version. Moreover, we make a point of continually evolving along with the solution and thus combining the two systems in the best way to offer the most optimal user experience possible.

This module is completely configurable, it enables, among other things, the setting of its filter models by product category, by brand page and even to have a one specifically for the search page.

At the same time, our team installs and parameterizes Elasticsearch to couple it with the module. The indexation of your products is then completely automatic and everything functions without human intervention.

On average, a reduction of more than 20% on loading time for the main pages of your shop is awaiting you!


Just try it out and you’ll like it! If you too cannot understand why you haven’t passed over the search of your retail web site to Elasticsearch don’t hesitate to contact us to install our Prestashop for Elasticsearch module!

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