A Prestashop module for Elastic Search : NewQuest did it !


A little tech break to talk to you about Elastic Search, and more especially about the Prestashop module for Elastic Search, which our team has designed all by its little self and which your online store has eagerly been waiting for !

First of all, to understand the subject better and to satisfy the audience already waiting on the edge of their seats, what is Elastic Search ?

Yes, indeed, this is a question well worth asking!

To put it simply, this open source solution is like an Open Source search engine and a performance analysis engine which is super “scalable“, super “adaptable“…

In a nutshell, this solution is capable of finding the keys in your pocket, in your wife’s handbag or even better, in the kids’ bedroom, blindfolded…

Elastic Search is therefore an indexing and search solution in your data base and its contents, all independently of the activity of your website and its server, thus offering:

  • Better response times by relieving your data base from indexation and search tasks,
  •  An added “intelligence” to your search with the capacity to provide close correspondences, to do spelling corrections even of related researches,
  • A management of adjustments specific to your search by excluding results by using shortcuts,
  • A capacity for search and management of a great amount of data by resisting the restrictions coming from your data base,
  • The possibility to search through several sources of data, which is extremely useful when we know that a CMS editorial (like WordPress for example) is systematically attached to an E-commerce platform.

Besides, we think, at this moment, that any self-respecting technician who dreads the question coming from his client “Can we not have the results from the blog and from the shop in the same search?” Adding “It can’t be too complicated, can it?” (At this point you already know you’re getting off to a bad start…)

  • The possibility of delegating the faceted browsing of a retail website to Elastic Search, and, when we know to what extent this can be demanding on resources on a web store, it is maybe a detail for you but to us …it means a lot…

If, after these considerations you are still not convinced or at least intrigued, no use delaying your To Do list further by reading this article. Otherwise …Let’s go on…

Here are a few figures and performance indicators :

  • Response times can be up to 10 times faster than the embedded search of a retail website,
  • A reduction of at least 30% of the load on the machine caused by the search,
  • An indexation capacity of several thousands of products without crashing the site during the indexation (admit that you have experienced this before…).

It is true that if the results and the advantages given by Elastic Search are simple and clear, as for its implementation this is less straightforward…

And for this, my dear, we need :

  • (Very) good admin systems,
  • A Magento or PrestaShop module adapted to augment the search of your Web store,
  • A pleasant and motivated team to help you adjust and configured your search with the greatest care (because a good search, it’s like grandmother’s recipe, it needs hard work; it is configured and tested carefully!)

And you’re in luck! You know what?  NewQuest has all of this...(Here, you say to yourself “Heavens! This is an article for advertising purposes!!! “. We have nothing to hide, in fact … yes).


Because the NewQuest team has designed a Prestashop Elastic Search module to supplement this search solution and to maximize its potential.

By the way, one of our recent creations, the E-commerce platform of the Olympique Lyonnais football team is a very good example (especially when you know that everything functions on an Azur Cloud).

The module available for Prestashop will very soon also be available on Magento !



The strengths of Elastic Search:

  • Data in real time, it is exploitable for all types of research or analysis as soon as they are  indexed,
  • System distributed is totally scalable according to needs and the volume of the data,
  • - Broad availability of features guaranteed by clustering and data replication system,
  • - A Full-text search based on the Apache Lucene engine, numerous filtering features are provided (geolocation, auto-completion, multilingual, suggestions etc…),
  • Document oriented, no complex data schema but only definitions of data type,
  • Numerous modules made available through the community able to provide very powerful analysis tools and logs.


The advantages of Elastic Search for E-commerce?

The needs of an E-commerce site are concentrated on the search for products, Elastic Search will index the entirety of the products offered by the brands, the tree view of the web site and even the editorial content.


Indispensable features are provided by Elastic Search:

  • Auto-completion, auto-suggestion and instant search,
  • Control of spelling approximations and a dictionary of synonyms made available,
  • Customizable weighting of search criteria,
  • Faceted browsing and high-performance and sophisticated filtering system,
  • Excellent performance, reduced page loading time.

A powerful complement for Prestashop :

The faceted browsing and search systems offered by Prestashop function very well and perform their roles perfectly, however to date it is regrettable that certain functionalities are lacking:

  • No filter on the “brand” and “search” pages,
  • No search approximation,
  • Depending on the volume of products, the loading times for the product listing can be long.

ElasticSearch will come into action on all types of “product” listings to offer the user a better browsing and search experience.

Fewer clicks and a shorter search time = a better transformation rate! The Holy Grail !!!

How can I benefit ?

Our team has developed a module for PrestaShop available from the version 1.5 and compatible with its latest version. Moreover, we make a point of continually evolving along with the solution and thus combining the two systems in the best way to offer the most optimal user experience possible.

This module is completely configurable, it enables, among other things, the setting of its filter models by product category, by brand page and even to have a one specifically for the search page.

At the same time, our team installs and parameterizes Elastic Search to couple it with the module. The indexation of your products is then completely automatic and everything functions without human intervention.

On average, a reduction of more than 20% on loading time for the main pages of your shop is awaiting you!

Just try it out and you’ll like it! If you too cannot understand why you haven’t passed over the search of your retail web site to Elastic Search don’t hesitate to contact us to install our Prestashop for Elastic Search module!

So how about getting in touch ?

Transform your Food-Truck or your restaurant into a connected restaurant thanks to Food-Commerce from NewQuest !


It is common knowledge that, if there is one field where France is recognized, it is the food business. It is clear that nothing has really been done to allow restaurant owners to transform their establishment into a connected restaurant… Fortunately, we have thought about this and NewQuest propose you discover our solution to transform your restaurant into a connected restaurant.

No more useless websites or poorly utilized social networks: we will help you to do Food-Commerce !

We have in fact created a total solution, based on PrestaShop, allowing your customers to order their meals on-line, to pay for them, and to pick them up at the counter.

It’s so simple that it can be summed up in a few steps :

  • Your customer goes onto your website and creates his account,
  • He selects in a few clicks, places his order and pays via Paypal or  by credit card,
  • Then, he comes leisurely to pick up his order at your counter !


No more queues or compulsory reservations, also no more customers distraught about contents of the menu !


Everything is simple, flexible and efficient and has been conceived to allow you to gain a foothold in going digital in a proactive manner with resulting additional sales and customers.

The restaurant side is optimized too:

  • Once the order is confirmed, in the kitchen you will receive (on a screen and/or on a printer whatever suits you best) instantly as soon as it is validated by your customer.
  • You can manage the totality of your orders and your customers on your on-line control panel.
  • You will have all the customer’s receipts to be able to give the precious package to the customer who comes to collect it from your establishment.

We have conceived a complete package going from the on-line right up to the material to be installed within your restaurant and thus we can adapt the system in relation to the size of your restaurant, its functioning and the number of place settings.

Therefore, you can very easily update your menu, your offer, time limits for reservation, your opening hours and (even better) for all of your sales outlets. Because, of course, it is possible to manage several shops with the solution and to leave the choice up to the customer of which pick-up point he prefers to collect his order from.

Like this you will have an on-line reservation site completely connected to your counter and to your kitchen which allows you, of course, to also present your establishment, its activities, your values and your team… Nothing so simple, effective or revolutionary has been seen since Willi Waller in 2006 !

We are thus capable of equipping a Food Truck to enable it to receive its reservations in a fully autonomous manner like a brasserie with several screens and printers with tickets in the kitchen.

We can equip your restaurant like this:

  • With a connected screen listing the orders to be treated,
  • With a connected printer directly  transmitting to the kitchen the orders to be prepared and the details of each order and without any action necessary on your part,
  • With a loyalty card reader,
  • If required, with a Wi-Fi 4G spot to enable your order/reservation platform to transmit your orders directly to the kitchen.

Very simple to implement we have all the equipment necessary to carry out the installation in a few hours or days depending on the installation and the material you wish to use.


So we need electricity, Wi-Fi (and we can even supply this thanks to a built-in 4G spot in our console), a logo and a domain name and we are capable of  deploying your system of reservations and orders on line within the month (it’s not the same thing as the phoney offers in the Yellow Pages, isn’t it?).

That’s not all, as when the solution is installed, customers who have placed an order can then:

  • Leave and share an opinion on the site and on the social networks.
  • In the case of a mobile restaurants or Food Trucks, receive an email indicating your location for his order.
  • Receive automatically the menu of the week, of the day or for the following day.
  • Receive an SMS alert confirming that his order has been registered and then indicating when it is ready.

Naturally and notably thanks to Shoperize, your customers can order on-line using computers, tablets or Smartphones (And why not, in the future, plan alerts on Apple Watch!).

In addition, we have prepared very detailed statistics on the behavior of the stomachs of the members of NewQuest (yes, yes we have!…) and it is clear that, from 11 a.m. on, these remind the team that it is high time to decide as quickly as possible “what we’re having for lunch” (and, yes, we’re getting hungry!): this is even the subject of discussions on Skype or on Google Doc dedicated to and set up collective orders…

Finally, it is already possible to order on-line… at Mc Donald’s!

We have therefore placed great importance on making available, to any restaurant owner or Food Truck, this type of technology and on giving them the opportunity to do Food-Commerce on-line (Isn’t that a great plan for the conquest of the culinary world?…).

From now on, any customer, for instance, one of the members of NewQuest, can place an order that you will receive directly in the kitchen…


And if after all that, you are thinking about other needs or features, you should know that we offer other even more advanced features (oh yeah, we weren’t going to let you go like that! ) for example:

  • The Cashless and the possibility of ordering using pre-paid credits.
  • The making of collective orders for these famished teams but which still allow the preparation of individually processed orders.
  • Allowing for allergies: to specify what you are intolerant to and the products which include these ingredients will be specified.
  • A record of what you have previously ordered enabling you to discover a new dish each time you order.
  • Easy and intuitive search tool for the customer with original filters like “you have already tried”
  • Payment by luncheon vouchers and other various different means of payment.

We will soon be presenting you with the first pilot restaurants and Food-Trucks pilots and we will make a little report on them to show you how all this works in the style “This is not rocket science”!

And all of this:

  • Without commission on your sales,
  • Without being dependent as your web site belongs to you,
  • With the guarantee of attracting people to your establishment during this period where competition in “delivery to your door” is fierce…
  • And with a single purchase cost and then a monthly fee for the use of equipment and the hosting like for a completely normal or classic website.

If you would like to know more about our solutions for connected restaurants and the possibility for you to do Food-Commerce, don’t hesitate to contact us !

The E-commerce Cross-Canal Platform of the Olympique Lyonnais

Whether you are a football fan or not, when the Olympique Lyonnais contacts you to completely revise its E-commerce platform and all its logistical interconnections, ERP and CRM you can’t help cheering a little.


And as we have a touch of the sporty competitive, fighting spirit, the objective was simple: to make the most accomplished and the most attractive websites of the League 1. What a challenge!

The revamping of the E-commerce platform of the Olympique Lyonnais was based on three large axes: Design & Ergonomics features, innovative tools and the interface with the platforms operated by the Club.

Right from its launch, it was agreed that the makeover would be operated on Prestashop on the one hand because of our experience on the platform and on the other hand, through a real desire from OL’s E-commerce team to have a flexible Open Source platform capable of keeping up with the load and traffic on the site.

Indeed, as we have been able to experiment with a few Youtubers, it is possible to conceive an E-commerce platform which is robust, highly efficient and which meets the challenge (awesomely) with Prestashop: no worries for the evening of the match !

Amongst the main features this nouvelle platform can be found:

  • Advanced search and multi-facet browsing thanks to Elastic Search,
  • Interface with the SSO of the Olympique Lyonnais,
  • Interface with Cegid,
  • Advanced bundles to create a complete uniform in the colours of the club,
  • Configurator and personalization to create great football strips with your own name,
  • Cashless payment to allow members to pay without a trace of credit card codes,
  • Pick-up from the shop and sales processing within the grand stadium (which we are looking forward to seeing on its opening).

All on a site responsive in 4 different screen sizes if you please. Who can ask for better?


Furthermore, you are strongly encouraged to carry out a search on the site to see how it works and to see how we have used Elastic Search to enable the rapid and intelligent consultation of all the products, categories and of the platform and of Prestashop with improved response time.

It is also possible to configure a large number of products on the site: from the clothes to the football strip, up to the personalized nameplate for the “Allée des lumières” of the Grand Stadium. It is possible in a few easy steps to order a personalized nameplate or your football strip effigy of the club.


It is important to note that the configurator works perfectly from your tablets and mobile phones, in a very flexible and perfectly intuitive way. A system of panel preview has also been installed to enable you to see the great preview of your personalized football strip

The OL E-commerce platform is a complete structure which has allows us to show the possibilities of Prestashop interfaces with numerous technologies and solutions in place.

Soon, OL’s E-commerce platform will reveal its new services, and new surprises… Oh yes, with a brand new stadium like the one soon to come, there is all you need to do great things…

Tech Trends: 5 web design trends
that are here to stay

Like everything in the tech world, web design is constantly evolving. But unlike a lot of new gadgets and programs, there are some web trends that you can expect to stick around.

We’ve compiled a list of five trends in web design that are on the rise in 2015 — and that are likely to stay popular in the years to come:

Shoperize makes mobile versions of websites like Venture Heat1. Mobile friendliness

Americans spend about 60% of their digital time on a mobile device, so it’s no surprise that Internet users have come to expect websites to fit their smaller screens. Knowing that users prefer a responsive design, Google has even started listing mobile-friendly websites first in its search results on tablets and smartphones.

No matter the purpose of your website, creating a mobile-friendly version is becoming essential to attracting and retaining users.

Example: NewQuest uses Shoperize to create customized mobile versions of eCommerce websites, including those for Venture Heat and Chlorella Echlorial.

PA Wines wineries on web page with infinite scrolling 2. Infinite scrolling

With the rise of mobile-friendly websites comes the growing popularity of infinite scrolling on website pages. Especially for mobile users, scrolling is easier than clicking, so this feature can improve the users’ experience.

Infinite scrolling also decreases your site’s loading time since content is able to load bit by bit.

Example: Pennsylvania Wines features infinite scrolling in its list of more than 200 Pennsylvania wineries.

SWELL has a single-page website design3. Single-page websites

Single-page websites simplify a site’s overall design by condensing all its content in one, easily navigated page. This kind of layout is particularly useful because it displays well on a mobile device.

With static menu bars and dynamic animations, single-page websites can also contribute to a fun UX design.

Example: In creating a new website for the marketing agency SWELL, NewQuest used a sleek single-page layout to provide an interactive user experience.

Homepage of Venture Heat uses impactful images4. Impactful images

Custom professional-quality photographs can communicate your site’s personality and purpose, and when large in size, they demand attention as soon as users reach the homepage.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, impactful images have the potential to tell users everything they need to know about your site in one eloquent photo.

Example: The homepage of Venture Heat’s website not only features a slideshow of powerful images, but even the background is dominated by a bold photo of an adventurer in the mountains.

The website for Surfside Foods uses a simple layout5. Simple layouts

To tie all this together, website design has become simpler on the whole, particularly in terms of page layouts. High-quality images, minimal text, and easy-to-navigate menu options help users browse a website quickly and easily.

Plus, simple layouts help eliminate superfluous features, which leaves the focus directly on your website’s key messages.

Example: Surfside Foods uses graphic icons, unique typography, and large images to simplify its layout and present a clean overall design.


There is no formula for crafting the perfect website. But if you follow these five trends, we think you’ll see how much of a difference the right web design can make.




Chlorella Echlorial offers an all-natural health boost

CE 1200x630

Getting sick of chia seeds? Had one too many kale chips? Here’s a new superfood for you: Chlorella.

Technically speaking, Chlorella is not a food product; it’s a dietary supplement. But this plant has long been cultivated and consumed for its unique health benefits, and health experts around the world offer it as a way to improve overall health and well-being.

Glass tubes used in Chlorella Echlorial cultivation process

Chlorella Echlorial is a producer and vendor of dietary supplements made with 100% pure Chlorella. The French-based company uses a unique cultivation process that protects the plant from external contamination and maximizes its nutritional potential.

The real power of this particular Chlorella lies in its ability to serve as a detoxifying agent. Its plant fibers absorb heavy metals and PCBs, ridding the body of these toxins through natural means and leaving anyone who takes it feeling renewed.

In crafting a website for Chlorella Echlorial, NewQuest needed to create a Chlorella Echlorial well-being iconmultipurpose platform where users could learn about this incredible plant and all its benefits as well as browse and order Chlorella Echlorial products.

On the back end, these two goals were accomplished through the combined use of PrestaShop and WordPress. On the front end, though, the site’s design is cohesive and immersive.

Every aspect of the design conveys the natural simplicity of Chlorella Echlorial: the green-and-white color scheme, the lightly textured background, and the subtle water droplet motif, just to name a few.

Additional details such as rollover animations and custom graphic icons guide users through the site’s many pages, all of which are well organized thanks to the effective website architecture.

For users interested in learning more about Chlorella, the site offers informational resources of all kinds, including scientific studies, customer testimonials, FAQs, and even Chlorella recipes. (Super healthy almond biscuits, anyone?)

Chlorella Echlorial productsWhen users are ready to make a purchase, filtered search options, product descriptions, and usage recommendations help them choose the right product quickly and easily.

Soon, Chlorella Echlorial customers will even have the option of setting up recurring orders so that the products they need can be shipped to them automatically. Staying healthy doesn’t get much easier than that!

The site has a mobile version powered by Shoperize, too, so users can read about Chlorella Echlorial and browse products from their smartphones and tablets.

Whether you want to relieve a specific ailment or are simply looking for an all-natural health boost, Chlorella Echlorial can help you feel better and function at your best, and this website will show you how.




A journey through time at the Kimmel Center

PIFA 2013 Time Machine timeline

If you had a time machine…what would you do?

That was the question the Kimmel Center posed to artists and art lovers alike during its 2013 Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts (PIFA). Inspired by the relativity of time and the collaborative nature of human history, this theme guided the month-long celebration of fine arts and culture.

NewQuest had the privilege of helping create the central exhibit of PIFA 2013: the Time Machine.

At the entrance of this interactive installation, a spiraled tunnel, 100 feet long and 16 feet wide, invited visitors to step inside and experience time travel. Flashing lights, changing colors, and ambient sounds adjusted to the movements of every participant, connecting them all through time and space.

This journey through time continued at the end of the tunnel with a set of interactive kiosks.

Created by NewQuest in close collaboration with the PIFA team, the interface of these kiosks allowed visitors to see how their lives fit into a larger timeline — how they themselves are connected to the rest of humanity.

PIFA 2013 Time Machine hometown screenPIFA 2013 Time Machine age in daysThe 24-inch touchscreens allowed visitors to enter basic information — birthdays, hometowns, and email addresses — as well as select topics of interest to them. With these details, the Time Machine generated a personalized timeline for each visitor.

A seven-year-old boy who loves outer space could learn about the discoveries that were made 25, 50, or 100 years before the year he was born. A 45-year-old woman interested in politics could read about world leaders who came to power only a month after her birthday.

And everyone could see their age in days, an exact count of the time they’d spent on Earth (so far, at least).

The Time Machine provided a new way of looking at history: as a collaborative experience, where every individual is connected to everyone else in the past, present, and future.

Plus, thanks to futuristic graphics and an emphasis on a dynamic user experience, this innovative exhibit truly immersed visitors in their journey through time.

You can still check out the PIFA Time Machine for yourself here. (NOTE: You may have to adjust your display options so that the interface fits on your screen.)

Time travel may not exist (yet!), but with the Time Machine, you can discover how you are already a part of history.




The Igloo brings frozen desserts
to a new (even cooler!) level

Igloo 1200x630

Looking for something that’s sweet but healthy? A treat that’s both satisfying and all-natural? Grab your coat and enter the Igloo.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.17.43 AMFrom its two locations in Philadelphia, the Igloo provides healthy, natural options for frozen desserts. Plus, with a cool decor fitting of its name, it is a destination where customers can relax and enjoy their desserts together with family and friends.

Crafted by NewQuest, the Igloo’s website conveys the same chill atmosphere while also sharing all the delicious details of the products available.

It starts with the overall design, which uses icy blues and shocking whites to plunge users into the frozen world of the Igloo. As a slider on the homepage reveals high-res images of the store itself and some of the products available, users immediately know that they’re in for a real treat.

A drop-down menu bar provides easy navigation through the website’s content: a mission statement, product descriptions, location details, and contact information.

On each of the four product pages, mouthwatering images accompany the succinct descriptions of what makes each dessert special: the frozen yogurt is made with local fruit and dairy as well as imported Italian flavorings, the sorbet is homemade from all-natural ingredients, and the gelato is soft serve to complement the imported hot toppings.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.12.37 AMSpecialty products are available, too, including Igloo Ice, a Greek yogurt shake, and Pup Cups for four-legged friends.

With a selection of low-fat treats, a self-serve toppings bar, and environmentally friendly cups and spoons, the list of what makes the Igloo unique goes on and on!

Interested in learning more? Click on the social media links located at the top and bottom of every page of the website, or send the Igloo a direct message from the form on the site’s contact page.

On the whole, this website shows users what loyal customers already know: as self-proclaimed “health fanatics with a sweet tooth,” the Igloo takes healthy, natural, and chill to a new level of frozen deliciousness.




Meet SWELL, NewQuest partner
and marketing team extraordinaire

SWELL 1200x630

We like building brand identities for our clients, and we like working with people who share our interests. It’s no surprise, then, that we really like partnering with SWELL.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 3.00.30 PMSWELL is a strategic marketing agency based in Philadelphia. Since the company’s founding in 2011, these “marketing quarterbacks” have proved that they know how to run the right plays and lead their team to victory.

With a diverse skill set and a mission that focuses on long-term effects, SWELL has helped clients from a variety of industries define and achieve their unique marketing goals.

NewQuest has had the pleasure of working with SWELL to help some of our own clients design branding and marketing strategies.

In a project with the Pennsylvania Winery Association, for instance, we collaborated with SWELL to develop Pennsylvania Wines, a mobile website that allows users to explore the state’s wineries and wine trails directly from their own phones and tablets.

Pennsylvania Wines was just one part of a larger rebranding and marketing campaign designed to promote the flourishing wine industry in Pennsylvania. Through our collaboration with SWELL, we were able to create this digital tool while staying true to the messages and mission of the overarching marketing initiative.

SWELL mobile screenshotAnd since partnerships are all about mutual benefit, when SWELL needed a new website, we were happy to help.

The NewQuest team crafted a site that is simple and efficient. A minimalist but colorful design combined with a single-page layout focuses attention on SWELL’s qualifications and experience, helping users quickly see what makes this agency unique.

Clicking on any of the three items in the static menu bar at the top of the page prompts an automatic scroller to swiftly navigate to that section of the site. Other features — such as rollover animations and scrolling client reviews — bring the site to life and add a certain dynamism to the user experience.

The website is mobile-friendly, too, so it’s perfect for users on the go, and with links to all of SWELL’s social media accounts, users can learn more about the agency anytime, anywhere.

So here it is: our partnering marketing agency that’s ready to work hard, collaborate, and make its clients proud.

Isn’t that, well, swell?




Tech Trends: A development from Google
and a solution from Shoperize

It’s official: Starting April 21, 2015, the mobile friendliness of a website will be a major ranking factor in Google search results on mobile devices.

In other words, any time someone conducts a Google search from a smartphone or tablet, mobile-friendly websites will be listed first in the results.

Currently, a “Mobile-friendly” label is given to results whose websites will adjust to fit a smaller screen. The label appears in gray under the website’s name and URL.

This label simply lets users know what sort of display they can expect to see when they click on a result. But since navigating a non-mobile version of a website from a mobile device can be frustrating, Google will soon use this label to do more than just inform users.

By adding mobile friendliness as a criterion for mobile searches, Google can improve the user experience and optimize the ranking of its pages.

What does this mean for your business?

Up to 40% of total traffic to a website comes from a smartphone or tablet, so this new search criteria is an important consideration in maintaining (and increasing!) the visibility of your site.

First, check to see if your website is mobile friendly with this test from Google Developers, created specifically for this occasion.

Your website is mobile friendly? Great!

Your website isn’t mobile friendly? No problem — we offer a simple solution that can help you establish your mobile presence.

Shoperize is an efficient, cost-effective M-commerce alternative developed by NewQuest. It is fast, reliable, and compatible with any E-commerce platform, including Prestashop and Magento.

Mobile sites powered by Shoperize feature an intelligent design based on the displays of social media interfaces. These efficient visual displays help users find a product in an average of five seconds, ten seconds faster than when using traditional M-commerce sites.

By providing an innovative mobile shopping experience, Shoperize has helped increase customer loyalty in addition to helping clients reach new audiences. In fact, these mobile solutions have proven their effectiveness by increasing clients’ ROIs significantly during customer acquisition campaigns.

And Shoperize does all this without ever collecting commission on sales.

The changes Google will make in April are the perfect opportunity to expand your E-commerce business and offer a mobile version of your site. Contact us to see if Shoperize could be the M-Commerce solution for you — we’d love to chat!




Got data? RJMetrics can crunch it

RJM 1200x630

At NewQuest, we craft digital tools that are customized to meet the unique needs of our clients. But it is important to us that the businesses we work with continue to grow long after the launch of a new website or mobile solution.

That’s why we are happy to work with RJMetrics.

Founded in 2009, RJMetrics is an analytics platform that consolidates data from multiple sources, provides the tools needed to analyze it, and enables collaboration that helps turn insights into profit.

First, data connectors included in the RJMetrics software automatically pull raw data from many different locations: systems like Google Analytics, eCommerce platforms like Shopify or PrestaShop, newsletter solutions like MailChimp or Constant Contact, and so on. Additional data sets can also be uploaded or imported. All of this data is collected and stored in a single digital warehouse.

Next comes analysis, where RJMetrics does much more than spit out summaries and statistics.

A fully customizable interface allows businesses to look at their data from any angle. Template dashboards provide a starting point, but every analysis report can be adjusted and personalized to meet the needs of each individual business — all at no extra cost.

With this customization, everyone from the marketing team to the executive board can benefit from the data insights, which is why RJMetrics helps facilitate data and analysis report sharing, too.

Users can create an unlimited number of accounts, share dashboards with colleagues, and restrict visibility of sensitive data if needed. Even outside stakeholders can stay up-to-date with access to read-only versions of analysis dashboards.

Feeling overwhelmed by so much data? The RJMetrics team is there for support. Account managers and data analysts provide guidance, and the Client Analytic Services team helps create business strategies that stimulate growth.

And here’s the best part for NewQuest and its clients: RJMetrics specializes in eCommerce and mobile solutions.

Websites powered by PrestaShop, mobile sites powered by Shoperize, and organizations using a wide range of other eCommerce tools can all benefit greatly from data-driven insights.

RJMetrics certTo help maximize these benefits, members of our team have been trained and certified to use RJMetrics software and to interpret its data analyses.

In fact, our clients have developed targeted marketing strategies, increased sales, and strengthened customer loyalty, all thanks to RJMetrics. (It’s no wonder why we recommend them, huh?)

There’s a lot of data out there. RJMetrics is here to collect it, make sense of it, and help you put it to use. Your data, your decisions, your business: you can optimize them all with RJMetrics.