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Chlorella Echlorial offers an all-natural health boost

Getting sick of chia seeds? Had one too many kale chips? Here’s a new superfood for you: Chlorella. Technically speaking, Chlorella is not a food product; it’s a dietary supplement. But this plant has long been cultivated and consumed for its unique health benefits, and health experts around the world offer it as a way to improve overall health and well-being.


Chlorella Echlorial is a producer and vendor of dietary supplements made with 100% pure Chlorella. The French-based company uses a unique cultivation process that protects the plant from external contamination and maximizes its nutritional potential.

The real power of this particular Chlorella lies in its ability to serve as a detoxifying agent. Its plant fibers absorb heavy metals and PCBs, ridding the body of these toxins through natural means and leaving anyone who takes it feeling renewed.

In crafting a website for Chlorella Echlorial, NewQuest needed to create a
multipurpose platform
where users could learn about this incredible plant and all its benefits as well as browse and order Chlorella Echlorial products.

On the back end, these two goals were accomplished through the combined use of PrestaShop and WordPress. On the front end, though, the site’s design is cohesive and immersive.

Every aspect of the design conveys the natural simplicity of Chlorella Echlorial: the green-and-white color scheme, the lightly textured background, and the subtle water droplet motif, just to name a few.


Additional details such as rollover animations and custom graphic icons guide users through the site’s many pages, all of which are well organized thanks to the effective website architecture.

For users interested in learning more about Chlorella, the site offers informational resources of all kinds, including scientific studies, customer testimonials, FAQs, and even Chlorella recipes. (Super healthy almond biscuits, anyone?)

When users are ready to make a purchase, filtered search options, product descriptions, and usage recommendations help them choose the right product quickly and easily.

Soon, Chlorella Echlorial customers will even have the option of setting up recurring orders so that the products they need can be shipped to them automatically. Staying healthy doesn’t get much easier than that!

The site has a mobile version powered by Shoperize, too, so users can read about Chlorella Echlorial and browse products from their smartphones and tablets.

Whether you want to relieve a specific ailment or are simply looking for an all-natural health boost, Chlorella Echlorial can help you feel better and function at your best, and this website will show you how.

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