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Meet SWELL, NewQuest partner and marketing team extraordinaire

We like building brand identities for our clients, and we like working with people who share our interests. It’s no surprise, then, that we really like partnering with SWELL.

SWELL is a strategic marketing agency based in Philadelphia. Since the company’s founding in 2011, these “marketing quarterbacks” have proved that they know how to run the right plays and lead their team to victory.

With a diverse skill set and a mission that focuses on long-term effects, SWELL has helped clients from a variety of industries define and achieve their unique marketing goals.

NewQuest has had the pleasure of working with SWELL to help some of our own clients design branding and marketing strategies.

In a project with the Pennsylvania Winery Association, for instance, we collaborated with SWELL to develop Pennsylvania Wines, a mobile website that allows users to explore the state’s wineries and wine trails directly from their own phones and tablets.


Pennsylvania Wines was just one part of a larger rebranding and marketing campaign designed to promote the flourishing wine industry in Pennsylvania. Through our collaboration with SWELL, we were able to create this digital tool while staying true to the messages and mission of the overarching marketing initiative.

And since partnerships are all about mutual benefit, when SWELL needed a new website, we were happy to help.

The NewQuest team crafted a site that is simple and efficient. A minimalist but colorful design combined with a single-page layout focuses attention on SWELL’s qualifications and experience, helping users quickly see what makes this agency unique.

Clicking on any of the three items in the static menu bar at the top of the page prompts an automatic scroller to swiftly navigate to that section of the site. Other features — such as rollover animations and scrolling client reviews — bring the site to life and add a certain dynamism to the user experience.

The website is mobile-friendly, too, so it’s perfect for users on the go, and with links to all of SWELL’s social media accounts, users can learn more about the agency anytime, anywhere.

So here it is: our partnering marketing agency that’s ready to work hard, collaborate, and make its clients proud.

Isn’t that, well, swell?

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