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My French Neighbor adds a French touch to everyday life

As its tagline declares, My French Neighbor is all about l’art de vivre, the art of living. From a boutique store in Orlando, FL, comes this online shop where beautiful French aesthetic meets everyday products to help bring a little bit of France to your own home.

In creating the website for My French Neighbor, attention to detail and creativity were essential to capture the unique character of the company and to reflect the quality and aesthetic of the products themselves.


Consider, for example, the company’s logo. In the top-left corner of every page sits a young woman, legs crossed casually, sipping her café in front of the Eiffel Tower. The sketch was created by NewQuest’s designers as a customized graphic for the website, but it has since become the official logo of My French Neighbor. It was felt the young woman embodied the spirit of the company, so now she sips her café wherever My French Neighbor is found.

The same kind of creative personalization can be seen throughout the website. A watercolor motif makes images appear to have been painted on the screen, and subtle detailing on category headings adds a certain elegance to the design. As a result, a feeling of fun-loving sophistication shines from every page.

But pleasing aesthetics are not the website’s only strengths. Powered by PrestaShop, the site is well organized and user-friendly. (Good thing, too, since there are over 300 products available!) Whether customers are looking for kitchen towels or handbags, the navigation bar and its detailed drop-down menu will help them find what they need quickly.


On the other hand, the homepage makes casual browsing just as simple as a targeted search by featuring several products from popular categories such as New Arrivals and Best Sellers.

For more information about any item, one click on its name will navigate to an individual product page. Here, expandable photos provide a closer look at the product, and detailed descriptions explain its most notable characteristics.




Playful, artistic, and effective, the My French Neighbor website is all you need to add a little French touch to your home and your life. Très chic, non?

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