4 February 2015-Reading time : 1min

My French Neighbor is back with soaps from Savons de Marseille

Can’t get enough of My French Neighbor? Enter the world of Savons de Marseille, a separate online boutique dedicated entirely to the very best soaps and bathroom accessories from the south of France.

As an operation of My French Neighbor, the Savons de Marseille website, has also been crafted by NewQuest and runs on PrestaShop, and it maintains the same high standards of effectiveness and creativity. But we have reimagined the design with customized graphics and a new aesthetic.

The Savons de Marseille website is fresh, natural, and clean, just like the soaps themselves. Greens, creams, and earthy browns set a tone of simple, au naturel elegance, which is complemented by the plant-like detailing around each category heading.

Savons de Marseille


And remember the petite Parisienne, the young woman from My French Neighbor who sips her café in front of the Eiffel Tower? Find her again here, smiling leisurely and surrounded by bubbles in the bathtub or lounging and applying makeup in front of a vanity.

Rest assured, however, that this customized design takes away nothing from the effective organization of the site. Thanks to accessible menus, high-resolution photos, and detailed product descriptions, the website is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

Like its sister site, Savons de Marseille helps bring a French touch to your everyday life — one bar of soap at a time.

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