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Omnichannel: a major partnership between NewQuest and Ingenico!

Use an omnichannel approach to give your PrestaShop online store a physical dimension!

In 2017, nearly 60% of retailers have an optimized, integrated path to purchase with all their sales channels linked to the same omnichannel loyalty card, which is an increase of 25 points compared to the previous year.

The omnichannel approach has become an essential lever for any retailer or e-retailer seeking to give the customer a completely unified experience whether shopping online or in a bricks and mortar outlet.


The main objective of omnichannel projects is to make the customer’s life easier. Being able to go through every step of the buying process on any type of device, anytime, anywhere: if that’s your dream NewQuest, in partnership with Ingenico, has made it come true!


Just a reminder

Ingenico, is 32 million terminals worldwide, they’re present in 170 countries, have 78 nationalities in their team, and above all, 25 R&D centers worldwide, where, day after day, they’re developing the retailing changes for tomorrow’s world. Every time you walk into a shop, there’s a strong probability that when you pay you’ll be inserting your credit card into one of their electronic payment terminals (EPT).


In 2015, Ogone, former European leader in the field of online payment services, became Ingenico ePayments, the mobile business and online division of the Ingenico group. As online payment is at the heart of the omnichannel strategy, we developed our first omnichannel solutions by integrating Ingenico ePayment into PrestaShop thus meeting the new needs of e-retailers while improving turnover in their stores.


The NewQuest – Ingenico ePayments partnership answers the questions and fulfils the needs of todays’ retailers and e-retailers:

  1. How can I encourage my customers to reserve on line and pay in store?
  2. How can I manage a simple, efficient loyalty program both on my Prestashop e-commerce platform and in my stores?
  3. How can I set up a more flexible loyalty program and better assign anonymous customers coming through my stores to a cohort?

To answer these questions, in cooperation with Ingenico we designed technology enabling us to transform your customers’ credit card numbers into a “token”. In automated payment systems, “tokenization” is the process of substituting bank data with “discardable data”. As this has become widespread, it has opened broader, genuine possibilities for e-commerce and m-commerce which are materially and technically very simple to implement, offering your clientele a truly optimized path to purchase.

From now on, whether your customers pay in store or on the Internet, they will be identified thanks to this individualized number (the token). Without revealing the credit card number to anyone, you can improve you customer knowledge and send them more closely targeted offers.

Our omnichannel payment technology really makes your customers’ lives easier. Depending on their mood, they can move freely between your online store, your mobile application or even your bricks and mortar store without losing their loyalty points. From the e-retailer’s point of view, a dedicated dashboard gives you an overview of their payment history enabling you to better understand your consumers and develop a strategy to build customer loyalty and stimulate conversions.


Let’s take Gust Have, NewQuest’s online restaurant client, as an example. If, like most of the NewQuest crowd, you enjoy taking the time to eat lunch out on the restaurant’s terrace, but also want to order your food quickly on line after your Wednesday sports session and pick it up at the counter, then you’ll sometimes pay online and sometimes pay at the restaurant.

With this new technology, we’ve broken down the barriers between on line payments and in store payments putting retailers in a position to reward loyalty at each payment. For instance, if Florian orders online on Wednesday and comes to order at the restaurant the following Friday, by paying with the same bank card, his orders are recorded independently of how they were placed.

This way we gain his loyalty and give him his free sandwich on his 10th order; no matter that the 1st order was made online, the 4th on a mobile device and the 8th straight from the terrace of the restaurant.

Another example is Precision Ski, an online store selling mountain gear which NewQuest designed. In addition to their online store, Precision Ski owns over 46 stores and has 120 franchise stores throughout France.

Deploying the omnichannel offer we developed with Ingenico, means all their bricks and mortar stores benefit from standardization of transactions carried out in the stores. This means that when a customer orders online, in the store in Les Arcs or the one in Val d’Isère, all the stores have access to the customer’s buying history, so that when payment is made the most loyal customers get their reward without a loyalty card ever having been shown or even created, and without needing to give a surname, first name, post code or email address. The individualized token number brings all the information linked to the customer on the retailer’s screen without revealing his/her identity.

If you would like to know more about our omnichannel solutions for your business and the possibility for you to give your PrestaShop online store a physical dimension, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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