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Optimize the online shopping experience of your customers with the product configurator

At a time when personalization is key for imroving the online shopping experience of customers, creating e-commerce tools adapted and specifics to brands has become essential for them. Based on our experience, we have been developing at NewQuest for several years, e-commerce software such as the tailor-made product configurator.

Customize demand

Current trends indicate that consumers expect a product to be adjusted to their personal needs. Today’s objectives for companies is therefore to be customer-focused to meet buyers’ desires. And this is particularly true for the e-commerce market, where standard displays of products – in the form of a catalog – are becoming increasingly rare (except for certain specific markets where this standard presentation is still necessary for an optimal understanding).

Product configurators play an important role in this purchasing process evolution and brings many benefits. Which allows consumers to quickly customize their product online, and therefore make it unique; it also enables them to express their personality and create a stand out product. The online shop of Olympique Lyonnais is the perfect example. Today, many fans of the Lyon soccer team customize their jerseys when they visit the physical store. Thanks to the textile printing technology, they have two options:

  • adding their name with their favorite number
  • adding the name of a player of the club with the associated number

We had to follow this market trend and demand when we redesigned the Olympique Lyonnais boutique. This printing technology was and still is a success in physical stores so, it was mandatory for us to duplicate this functionality through a product configurator. Now, customers can create custom soccer uniforms online in a couple of clicks!

Therefore, this type of customization makes consumers responsible for their own purchases and thus enables e-merchants to better capture and retain them. Additionally, it is a huge gain in productivity as buyers become autonomous! Indeed, the e-merchant receives the customer’s customization data directly and doesn’t have to reevaluate them. They just have to declare this data on the final product according to the proposed customization.

Product configurator
“Personalized” page of the online Boutique of l’Olympique Lyonnais

A multitude of possibilities

Interactive configurators help consumers create and design products based on different criteria previously defined with our team when starting a new project. In the case of our client Neo Legend, the whole arcade terminal is customizable. The main idea is to display a finished product that consumers can personalize online. After selecting the model of arcade terminal that they choose, a multitude of options – to make their product unique – are available: from the decoration of your terminal to the customization of each joystick and button, there are no fewer than twelve customizations that are offered to them! A real-time customization enables customers to see the final product clearly before purchasing it.

Product configurator
Customization” page of Neo Legend


For our client Cadeau Maestro, by accessing its Customization Page, you will discover (among others) the Customizable Extraordinary Notebook and pencil. In addition to the quality of the cork notebook and bamboo pen, it is possible to customize both products by putting the customer name on the products with a beautiful typography. A quick and easy way to make your notebook and pen unique thanks to a high-quality engraving.

Product configurator
The customizable extraordinary notebook and pencil on cadeau-maestro.com


In the end, when setting up a product configurator, the possibilities of customization are limitless. It all starts with a “blank” product that can be customized in accordance to a multitude of criteria:

  • Color
  • Text
  • Material
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Shape
  • The customizable areas of the product
  • And more!

These categories can be broken down into sub-categories such as the text category where the color, the size or the font can be customized. There are endless possibilities to make the consumer experience unique!

Another feature of some product configurators is the possibility of uploading attachments (a text, an image or a logo); this enables the user to have a preview of the personalized product in real-time and make adjustments according to their tastes.

Product configurator
The evian bottle configurator on myevian.com


This feature is visible on the website of our client myevian by Danone where we installed an evian bottle configurator. The process has been streamlined to maximize the consumer experience without actually limiting their creativity:

  • Step One – Format: choose the size of the bottle
  • Step two – Color: choice of the color of the downloaded photo and inserted text
  • Step Three – My Pictures: import one or more images
  • Step Four – Text: add text with font selection, font size and text alignment
Product configurator
The evian bottle customized NewQuest!

A flexible module

Our aim is to create a product configurator which is adapted to your e-commerce solution. From our client point of view, their objective is to receive the personalized product in the cart of their e-commerce software whilst keeping the information related to this product and to the customer. It was therefore necessary for our team to develop an intelligent and ergonomic product configurator adapted to any type of e-commerce software (PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.).

Note that today more than one in four online purchases are made via mobile. As a result, our product configurators have a responsive design, for mobiles and tablets.

Here are some achievements that you can see which we have created for our clients by clicking on the following links:


Do you have a project? A need? A query? Would you like to know more about our product configurators? Our team is at your disposal! Contact our expert te and send us a message by clicking here.

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