Founded in 1957 by Hans Joachim Schroder in Krefeld, Germany, Certuss manufactures quiet and stable steam generators.

The name Certuss means safe and reliable in Latin, which fits perfectly to the description of these products.

Our first thought while crafting the new website of this German company was the customer. The design of the website is ergonomic and modern and it helps users to learn more about steams generators and to easily find the information they’re looking for.

For example, the four biggest categories (automotive & construction, food & beverages, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, service & hospitality) are separated by different colors and are directly integrated in the home page.

Our objective while categorizing information and concentrating our efforts on a classical, simple and refined website was to enable the customer :

  • to read all the information about the products and,
  • to ask for a bespoke quotation if necessary.


  • Brand & Identity
  • Content Publishing Platform
  • Information Architecture
  • Interface & UX Design
  • Web