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Science-lovers unite! The Philadelphia Science Festival is here

Are you ready to get nerdy? The Philadelphia Science Festival (PSF) is a nine-day annual celebration of (you guessed it!) science in all its forms.

Organized by the Franklin Institute with support from the National Science Foundation, this community event is truly a collaborative effort. Museums, universities, cultural organizations, and corporations from around the city come together to share their knowledge, support, and enthusiasm with science-lovers of all ages.

Here at NewQuest, we are proud to count ourselves among the event’s many partners. In crafting the PSF website, our goal was to organize all the information you could need about the festival in a way that stays true its fun-loving spirit.


Consider, for example, the site’s overall design. Every detail contributes to a dynamic, high-energy display that invites users to explore further. The bright green accent color, the double helix in the background, and the chemical symbols in the menu bar all say the same thing: this is an educational event with personality.

In the menu bar, customized web design meets a new information architecture developed entirely by NewQuest. Individualized icons and rollover graphics guide users through the subcategories in the drop-down menu, easing navigation through the many pages of the site.

The bottom of every page is dedicated to sponsors and core collaborators, whose scrolling logos link to their individual websites. This increased visibility of PSF partners is another nod to the community cooperation that the festival is founded on.

Other new developments have increased the site’s interactivity. Not only is it responsive, automatically adjusting text sizes and page layouts to fit any screen, but it also provides easy access to social media. Rollover animations highlight the social media icons on the homepage, and a sidebar displays recent Tweets from @PhilaSciFest, all featuring the official festival hashtag, #GetNerdyPHL.

With activity calendars to browse, press kits to download, and a collapsible contact list accessible from every page, users can find everything they want to know about the festival right at their fingertips.


But there is a whole other side to this website, too.

Enter the Partner Portal, a complete intranet system for core collaborators, sponsors, and partners. With login access, members can find everything they need to participate in the festival. Forms are available to download, registration deadlines are clearly listed, and marketing materials can be ordered directly through the system.

Thanks to the ability to create multiple usernames for the same partner, the intranet even helps facilitate communication between colleagues. Plus, a detailed directory allows any member to reach out to other partners quickly and easily, encouraging even more community cooperation.

From educational experiences to partnership opportunities, the Philadelphia Science Festival has something for everyone, and this website is your key to learning all about it.

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