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Taste, learn, and explore with Pennsylvania Wines

If you are in Pennsylvania, you are never more than an hour’s drive from a winery. In fact, the state is ranked seventh nationally in number of wineries and fifth in grape production. With its large size and suitable climate, Pennsylvania is able to produce a wide range of high-quality wines, and as a result, its wine industry is flourishing.

To help share the richness and variety of this wine industry, we at NewQuest have worked with SWELL and the Pennsylvania Winery Association to create Pennsylvania Wines, a mobile website that allows users to explore the state’s wineries and wine trails directly from their own phones and tablets.

Every aspect of Pennsylvania Wines is user-friendly and effective. The responsive design automatically adjusts to fit a screen of any size, and the simple layout features bold text and graphic icons that guide users through the site’s many pages.



On the homepage, a large map shows the locations of more than 200 featured wineries. Filtered search options and a targeted zoom function allow users to browse through the destinations in a dynamic, interactive way.

But browsing isn’t limited to the map. For a more linear approach, the same search options can be applied to a winery list that features the name, location, and logo of each destination. Users can even let a GPS do the browsing for them by selecting “See wineries around me,” which presents options near the user’s location.

To learn more about any winery, simply navigate to the location’s individual page. These detailed profiles may include anything from photos and maps to featured wines and upcoming events, providing a thorough introduction to the unique features of each winery.

Pennsylvania Wines can even help plan a visit to some of these incredible destinations. While browsing the site, users can add any winery to a personal list that is available to view and edit at any time. Once the list is finalized, the site generates a customized itinerary — complete with driving directions — that includes stops at every winery on the list.


As an alternative to creating their own itinerary, though, users can also learn about the twelve established wine trails that wind through the six distinct regions of Pennsylvania’s wine land. These trails organize wineries based on proximity and variety, so visitors can rest assured that they will experience a diverse and textured sampling of Pennsylvania wine no matter which trail they choose.

A color-coded map clearly presents the locations of these twelve trails, and as with the wineries, each trail has an individual page that describes its unique features and attractions.

Between wines to taste, wineries to visit, and wine trails to experience, Pennsylvania’s wine industry offers a lot to discover. With this site, you can explore it all, so go ahead — keep tasting!

PA Wines Mobile Video from Pennsylvania Winery Association on Vimeo.

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