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Tech Trends: A development from Google and a solution from Shoperize

It’s official: Starting April 21, 2015, the mobile friendliness of a website will be a major ranking factor in Google search results on mobile devices.

In other words, any time someone conducts a Google search from a smartphone or tablet, mobile-friendly websites will be listed first in the results.

Currently, a “Mobile-friendly” label is given to results whose websites will adjust to fit a smaller screen. The label appears in gray under the website’s name and URL.


This label simply lets users know what sort of display they can expect to see when they click on a result. But since navigating a non-mobile version of a website from a mobile device can be frustrating, Google will soon use this label to do more than just inform users.

By adding mobile friendliness as a criterion for mobile searches, Google can improve the user experience and optimize the ranking of its pages.

What does this mean for your business?

Up to 40% of total traffic to a website comes from a smartphone or tablet, so this new search criteria is an important consideration in maintaining (and increasing!) the visibility of your site.

First, check to see if your website is mobile friendly with this test from Google Developers, created specifically for this occasion.

Your website is mobile friendly? Great!

Your website isn’t mobile friendly? No problem — we offer a simple solution that can help you establish your mobile presence.


Shoperize is an efficient, cost-effective M-commerce alternative developed by NewQuest. It is fast, reliable, and compatible with any E-commerce platform, including Prestashop and Magento.

Mobile sites powered by Shoperize feature an intelligent design based on the displays of social media interfaces. These efficient visual displays help users find a product in an average of five seconds, ten seconds faster than when using traditional M-commerce sites.

By providing an innovative mobile shopping experience, Shoperize has helped increase customer loyalty in addition to helping clients reach new audiences. In fact, these mobile solutions have proven their effectiveness by increasing clients’ ROIs significantly during customer acquisition campaigns.

And Shoperize does all this without ever collecting commission on sales.


The changes Google will make in April are the perfect opportunity to expand your E-commerce business and offer a mobile version of your site. Contact us to see if Shoperize could be the M-Commerce solution for you — we’d love to chat!

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