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The E-commerce Cross-Canal Platform of the Olympique Lyonnais

Whether you are a football fan or not, when the Olympique Lyonnais contacts you to completely revise its e-commerce platform and all its logistical interconnections, ERP and CRM you can’t help cheering a little.

And as we have a touch of the sporty competitive, fighting spirit, the objective was simple: to make the most accomplished and the most attractive websites of the League 1. What a challenge!

The revamping of the E-commerce platform of the Olympique Lyonnais was based on three large axes: Design & Ergonomics features, innovative tools and the interface with the platforms operated by the Club.

Right from its launch, it was agreed that the makeover would be operated on Prestashop on the one hand because of our experience on the platform and on the other hand, through a real desire from OL’s E-commerce team to have a flexible Open Source platform capable of keeping up with the load and traffic on the site.

Indeed, as we have been able to experiment with a few Youtubers, it is possible to conceive an E-commerce platform which is robust, highly efficient and which meets the challenge (awesomely) with Prestashop: no worries for the evening of the match !

Amongst the main features this nouvelle platform can be found:

  • Advanced search and multi-facet browsing thanks to Elasticsearch,
  • Interface with the SSO of the Olympique Lyonnais,
  • Interface with Cegid,
  • Advanced bundles to create a complete uniform in the colours of the club,
  • Configurator and personalization to create great football strips with your own name,
  • Cashless payment to allow members to pay without a trace of credit card codes,
  • Pick-up from the shop and sales processing within the grand stadium (which we are looking forward to seeing on its opening).

All on a site responsive in 4 different screen sizes if you please. Who can ask for better?Olympique Lyonnais


Furthermore, you are strongly encouraged to carry out a search on the site to see how it works and to see how we have used Elasticsearch to enable the rapid and intelligent consultation of all the products, categories and of the platform and of Prestashop with improved response time.

It is also possible to configure a large number of products on the site: from the clothes to the football strip, up to the personalized nameplate for the “Allée des lumières” of the Grand Stadium. It is possible in a few easy steps to order a personalized nameplate or your football strip effigy of the club.


It is important to note that the configurator works perfectly from your tablets and mobile phones, in a very flexible and perfectly intuitive way. A system of panel preview has also been installed to enable you to see the great preview of your personalized football strip

The OL E-commerce platform is a complete structure which has allows us to show the possibilities of Prestashop interfaces with numerous technologies and solutions in place.

Soon, OL’s E-commerce platform will reveal its new services, and new surprises… Oh yes, with a brand new stadium like the one soon to come, there is all you need to do great things…

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