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Venture Heat: Where heating technology and winter adventures meet

Staying warm in the winter just got easier! We recently launched Venture Heat’s new website, and we are thrilled to announce that shopping with Venture Heat is now better than ever.

Venture Heat, a California-based company that specializes in heated clothing and accessories, has been a pioneer in wearable and non-wearable heating technology since 2003.


Developed by NewQuest and powered by the latest version of PrestaShop, the website’s overall design is bold and sleek, echoing the mountains in the background image of the homepage. With accents of red in a color scheme of black, gray, and white, the site reflects exactly what Venture Heat products offer: a feeling of comfort in the midst of excitement and adventure.

On every page, rollover graphics guide users through the many options available. Hover over one of the products featured on the homepage, for example, and the image zooms while the text turns red. Just one click leads to a display of all related products, where rollovers reveal options for both quick and detailed product views.

The menu bar separates products into three simple categories, and thanks to custom-designed graphic icons created by NewQuest’s designers, sub-categories are easily navigated to help users find what they’re looking for. On each sub-category page, users can further customize their product search with adjustable filters and sorting options, making every shopping experience simple and personalized.


But it’s the Venture Heat product pages that really set the new website apart. Through the site’s characteristic simple, bold design, the technological features of each product are clearly communicated. High-res images provide not only a 360-degree view of the product, but also an explanation for each of its features, from quad-zone heating to 12V interconnectivity.

All the information a user needs is available on the product page: a detailed overview of the product’s characteristics, charts of power specifications, testimonials from previous customers, and lists of related products. Users’ manuals are even available to download, and thorough instructional videos can be viewed directly from the product page itself.

Through the use of a PrestaShop native functionality, a B2B interface also allows wholesale customers to find special prices and payment options, and a mobile site powered by Shoperize provides any user on the go with the same personalized shopping experience as those at home.


With its easy navigation, customizable options, and attention to detail, Venture Heat’s new website will help you find what you need to stay warm and comfortable, whatever your winter adventure may be.

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